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BioPulse Cancer Clinics

BioPulse Rejuvenation Clinics have closed. We believe they are focusing their tumor maker test (see below).

They had a clinic in Mexico and one in Germany. We understand that in February, 2001, BioPulse came under target for offering alternative treatments that have not been proven to work. They have been stopped from doing their insulin coma therapy and dendritic vaccines.

BioPulse was one of the few hospitals offering induced-hypoglycemic therapy, where the patient is put to sleep for approximately 90 minutes while the blood sugar is lowered considerably. It was claimed that cancer cells could not flourish under these conditions. Best results have been obtained for bone, brain, melanoma and renal cancer. However, until further notice, BioPulse will not be allowed to offer this therapy.

They are also developing an inexpensive blood test called TK-1, which can be arranged by mail. This test, involving only one drop of blood, has proven to be very accurate in detecting the presence of cancer in the body, although the exact location of the cancer cannot be determined. We are not sure when the test will be available. We will update this information as soon it is available.

We will update information on this clinic as it becomes available.

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