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Dan Labriola, N.D., at Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic in Seattle provides specialized care for specific diagnoses such as cancer, heart disease, hepatitis, diabetes, neurological diseases, and others. They work with patients who need or want to stay with conventional treatments and uses naturopathic approaches to provide nutritional supplementation to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other harsh treatments. Five keys to his program are: balanced nutrition, botanical support, lifestyle adjustments, avoiding toxins, and psychological support. They also have a good program for cancer prevention.
They will communicate directly with your oncologist or primary care provider to coordinate your care.

There is a write up on this physician in Burton Goldberg's book The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer.

Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic
Dan Labriola, N.D.
5343 Tallman Ave, NW Suite 208
Seattle, WA 98199.
Tel: 206-784-9111


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