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Clinics outside of the United States

The listing of a doctor or clinic here does not signify an endorsement by the Cancer Cure Foundation. We will add additional information about each clinic as soon as our staff has a chance to contact them. If we have a separate page for the clinic, there will be a hyperlink to that page. In addition, we are putting together a database that will include details including contact information, size of clinic, costs if available, whether they take insurance, etc. If you would like us to check our database to see if we have this information available on a particular clinic, or if you would like us to contact a clinic on your behalf, contact our office by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling us at (800) 282-2873 or (805) 498-0185 9-5 PST.

If you do go to a clinic for treatment, be sure to let us know about your experience. Any feedback you can offer may help others who are trying to decide which clinic to go to or which therapy to use. 


The Kroiss-Cancer-Center for Alternative Cancer Therapy run by Dr. Thomas Kroiss in Vienna, Austria is especially known for treating breast cancer, cancer of lung, colon/rectum, prostate, brain tumor, leukemia, liver metastases, bone metastases, and ovarial tumors, using Their website is and they can be reached by phone at 43-1-982 57 67 or by fax: 43-1-982 69 92.


Immuno-Augmentative Therapy Centre in Fort Lauderdale has a clinic in the Bahamas. The goal of lAT is to build systemic levels of tumor killing immune complexes to the levels that would be found naturally in a balanced immune system - their credo is "we treat immune systems, not cancer."


Centre for Integrated Healing in Vancouver, BC has an introductory program that consists of 12 hours of seminars and workshops over a two day period, including an introduction to complementary cancer care and healing, meditation, healthful nutrition, visualization, group sharing, decision making, vitamins, supplements and an opportunity to discuss a wide variety of complementary cancer care modalities with the Centre's practitioners. They help put together an integrated cancer care program, that might include Floressence, MRV vaccine, 714X, cimetidine, indomethacin, and Hydrazine Suflate. (604) 734-7125

Jim Chan, ND in Vancouver, BC is an acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese Medicine. He works with cancer patients using alternative therapies and nutrition. He has a very good reputation. 604-435-3786

Cose, Inc., in Rock Forest, Quebec is primarily run by Gaston Naessens, Francoise Naessens, Stephane Sdicu, and Daniel Sdicu. They treat cancer and multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and degenerative diseases. Their main therapy is 714X. Note: Gaston Naessens invented the Somatoscope, a microscope capable of reaching 30,000X magnification and a condenser permitting ultramicroscopy to help in diagnosing cancers. Note: The clinic is currently closed, but it may be reopening. For info on 714X and Gaston Naessens, go to

Highline Oxyzone, Oxygen Therapies in Vernon, BC provides adjunctive therapies for cancer, HIV/AIDS, post stroke, chronic brain-trauma neurological conditions such as M.S., Cerebral Palsy, etc. and auto-immune disorders. They use ozone, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and intravenous vitamin therapies. They can be reached by phone at 250-503-2111 or by fax at 250-542-1574.

HOC Centre for Progressive Medicine - Dr. Thao Nguyen in Coquitlam, BC uses hyperbaric oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, Bio-Oxidative Medicine, Balneotherapy, IV / Chelation. It is a Hyperbaric oxygen centre with a naturopathic physician on staff. Their focus is on neurological conditions as well as adjunctive care for cancer and HIV/AIDS. They can be reached by phone at 604-520-3941 or by fax at 604-520-9869.

Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. practices in British Columbia. He is considered a pioneer in the use of nutritional substances for healing. He uses high doses of Vitamin C along with other supplements, and a low-fat, low-sugar, dairy-free diet. 250 386 8756

Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic in Kelowna, BC is run by Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff, ND. He is a naturopathic physician who has a family practice and utilizes biological medicine. He uses a wide variety of modalities, including but not limited to, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, intravenous high dose vitamin/minerals, Ukrain, B17 oral and IV, neural therapy, ozone, IV hydrogen peroxide, photo oxidation, thymus injections, IV DMSO, Heckel whole body hyperthermia, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Potassium and Insulin IV, Helixor mistletoe therapy, Photocell, Clodronate, Heparin,Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Ionized O2, Blood and Urine vaccines, Sanum pleomorphic remedies, IV Garlic, PCSPES, Chelation therapy IV and oral, Enzymes, various diets and alot of "care and love" - his words.
phone: 250-868-2205 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Natural Therapeutics Limited in Toronto, Canada. We believe this clinic has been shut down.

Northern Health Inc. in Ontario - Rudolf E. Falk, M.D., who was associated with this clinic has passed away. It has been replaced by the Nasri Chelation Clinic. Dr. Durenfeld and Dr. Nasri are continuing where he left off using a variety of approaches including vitamin C, hyaluronan, HA, hyperthermia, Intravenous Poly MVA with Hyaluronic Acid, Iscador, Laetrile, Tumorin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Neural Therapy, Wobe-mugos, Dendritic vaccine, Infra red Sauna. They also use low-dose chemotherapy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and high doses of vitamin C, all of which are combined with hyaluronic acid, which is a targeting carrier molecule. The use of hyaluronic acid allows for better penetration of the drug to the tumor, and also better targeting, so the severe side effects of drugs are not felt. In operation since 1986. Phone: (705)735-2354. website:

Pacific Center in Vancouver is run by Rachelle Herdman, N.D., M.D. They treat chronic problems, including cancer, autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular, digestive disorders, and chronic fatigue. Treatments include: nutrition, diet, Ayurveda, homeopathy, botanical medicine & teas, herbal tincture, plant extracts, supplements, mind-body medicine-in-depth and counseling. Phone: (604)734-0244.

Richmond Alternative Medical Clinic in Richmond, BC - Dr. Martin Kowk, ND, MSAOM, RAC, uses traditional (TCM) Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupoint injections, clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, chelation therapy, ozone, IV therapy, and more. They also treat autoimmune disorders and do amalgam and heavy metal detoxification. Phone: 604-207-0167

Schafer's Health Centre, in Saskatchewan run by Dr. Sir Leo J. Schafer, M.H., R.H.C., L.C.S.P., also treat AIDS, degenerative diseases. He uses, herbology, magnets, diet, nutrition, Rife, and over 220 herbal formulas. They also sell Rife machines. In operation over 20 years. Phone: (306) 228-2512.

Vital Path Health Centre in British Columbia treats cancer fibromyalgia, liver disease, and stroke using hyperbaric oxygen, homeopathy, oxygen, Chinese herbs, Essiac and Hoxsey in some cases, diet, and acupuncture. Psychological therapies are also used, such as guided imagery and positive affirmations. Their website is for more information. (250) 549-1400


In Havana, Ozone Research Center - Carlos Hernandez Castro, Ph.D., also treats senile dementia, Parkinson's, arthritis, diabetic neuroangiopathy, and glaucoma. Primary therapy is ozone therapy. 011-53-721-0588


Humlegaarden Complementary Cancer Clinic - Since 1945, Humlegaarden has been one of Scandinavia's most well-known private cancer clinics, using alternative therapies along with chemotherapy if necessary. 45 491 32 465


Robert B. Wickman DO ND is Quito is an Osteopathic doctor, specializing in diseases of the nervous system and spinal column. He has treated many cancers, even advanced. He uses IPT therapy, diet and supplements. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 593-2-241-274


Brackendene Clinic, run by Dr. Paul Layman is in Dorset, England. They carry out metabolic therapy and give B17 IVs. You can contact him at: Tel. 01202 824109/ Fax 01202 820739.

The Bristol Cancer Help Center in England is run by Dr. R.M. Daniel, B.Sc., M.B.B.Ch. The clinic opened in 1980. They use diet, immune stimulators, vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, Bach flower remedies, shiatsu, massage, and many creative techniques. Their website is or contact: 0117 980 9500 Fax: 0117 923 9184.

Callebout, M.D. in London, England uses numerous herbs, nutritional supplements, enzymes, and substances uniquely tailed to fight cancer, along with a detoxification regime, an overhaul of the patient's diet, and psychological tips for "health survivorship." 011 44 207 2 55 2232 or Mobile: 44 7930 336348

Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine in Hants. They tailor their tests and treatments to the individual. They may use Laetrile and Dendritic Cell Therapy to reduce tumor size, C-statin from bindweed for angiogenesis inhibition, homeopathy, diet and nutrition, autohemotherapy or intravenous ozone, acupuncture, whole body negative ionisation, and life style changes/mind/body approaches. They treat late stage cancers and many chronic diseases. Their website is and they can be reached by phone at 01962 718 000.

The Issels Cancer Treatment is a 50 year old therapeutic system originating in Europe. Therapy includes: detoxification, nutritional support, supplementation of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, Chelation Therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, counseling, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy, vaccines, light therapy, and a truly integrated approach to treating cancer.

The Park Attwood Clinic in Worcestershire uses a combination of treatments, including anthroposophical approaches, in conjunction with conventional medication when needed. They treat a wide range of illnesses including cardio-vascular diseases, musculo-skeletal disorders, neurological problems, immunological disorders, and cancer. Tel: +44 (0) 1299 861444 or Fax: +44 (0) 1299 861375. Full details at their website


BioPulse Rejuvenation Clinic - The Bio Pulse Clinic in Mexico has been stopped from using some of the therapies they were using. We aren't sure about the clinic in Germany.
Bio Med Klinik in Bad Borgzabern is run by E. Dieter Hager, M.D., Ph.D., since 1989. They treat cancer as well as other immunodeficiencies, including chronic fatigue syndrome. They use many therapies including hormone therapy, hyperthermia, immunotherapy (ASI/tumor vaccination), thymus peptides, and electrotherapy (galvanotherapy). Complementary oncology, immunology and hyperthermia. Contact info: 49 / 63 43 / 7 05 - 0

Hartmut Baltin, M.D. between Salzburg and Munich treats cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and autoimmune diseases. He uses diet, plant extracts, hyperthermia, ozone, vaccinations, minerals, vitamins, psychotherapy, surgery, and acupuncture. Tel.: 0049-08052-4176.

Hufeland Clinic for Holistic Immunotherapy in Bad Mergentheim Germany uses a treatment based on a well-established concept developed by Dr. Josef Issels, which is a holistic approach using fever therapy, hyperthermia and immunobiological medicine. They treat most cancers including breast, melanoma, prostate, colon, kidney, brain, and sarcomas, as well as arteriosclerosis. They also use colonics, eumetabolic, homeopathic, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, ozone, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, chelation, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and nutrition. 49 7931/536-0

Dr. Helmut Keller treats cancer as well as multiple sclerosis, chronic polyarthritis, Crohn's disease, and neurodermatitis using preventative programs, immune evaluations, vitamins, minerals, and hyperthermia. Phone: 011-49-9288-5166. We show he has moved to Stella Maris Clinic in Mexico.

Klinik St. Georg in Bad Aibling, Germany is run by Dr. Douwes. Their standard cancer protocol is a week of detoxification and the strengthening of the immune system with diet and nutritional supplements, followed by two weeks of localized hyperthermia treatment and low-dose chemotherapy. Best to fax them at 011+49-8061-498-455 We have received a few complaints about this clinic - Go to our web page on them for additional information.

Hans Nieper's clinic is in Hanover, north of Frankfurt. Although he is no longer alive, the office is still open and they treat cancer, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, coronary disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis. Therapies include eumetabolic therapy, gene repair, beta-carotene, dialdehydes, squalene-ascorbate, ureylmandelonitrile, laetrile, and enzymes. (Trying to confirm contact info: 011-49-511-348-08-08 or Fax: 011-49-511-318417.)

Institute for Immunology and Thymus Research in Bad Harzburg outside of Hanover is run by Milan C. Pesic, M.D. They have had the best response with treating the following cancers: lung, bladder, colon, pancreatic, breast, Hodgkin's, non-Hodgkins, and Kaposi's sarcoma. They use THX/Thymex-L, a thymus extract for the immune system. Tel.: 0049-5322-960541

Hong Kong

Optimum Health Centre in Causeway Bay is run by Alexander Yuan, B.A., D.C., N.D., D.Ht. It was established in 1987 and is one of the oldest & largest health centers in Hong Kong. They treat a full range of health problems, including AIDS and cancer. They use gastrointestinal tract cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, herbal, nutritional, constitutional hydrotherapy, ionic, enzymes, supplements, and diet. 2577-3798


United Cancer Research Institute, in Budapest is run by Dr. Laszlo K. Csatary and Eva Csatary. They can be reached via a Fort Lauderdale phone/fax number: 954-525-3120. This clinic uses a not-so-new Virus Therapy that they have been researching and developing for over 30 years. They have patients that are in remission since their inception. 954-525-3120


The East Clinic in Killaloe in County Clare/Killaloe is run by Paschal Carmody, M.B., B.Ch., D.C.H., D.Obs. It was established over 20 years ago. They treat cancer as well as cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal, dermatological, hematological, and neurological disorders. They use immune modulating, live cell treatment, ozone, hyperthermia, chelation, and nutritional supplement therapy. Tel: 001 353 61 376349/376206. Fax: 001 353 61 376773.


Joseph Brenner, M.D. has a clinic in Tel-Aviv. He mainly treats cancer using nutrition, megadoses of vitamins & minerals, laetrile, iscador, NSAIDs, shark cartilage, neytumorin, carcinomium copmostium (HEEL), herbs, and acupuncture. Phone: 972-3-5467733 or 972-3-5467739.


Giancarlo Pizza, MD at Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna - Telephone (direct from the U.S.) 01139 0516362478 or fax: 01139 0516362476. Treatment is out-patient at the Clinic. Additional follow-up both and home and visiting the clinic may be required. Best results are in renal cancer, but they treat most cancers. They use specific and non-specific transfer factor; low dose IL-2 injected intralymphatically, interferon, LAK cells (lymphokine activated killer cells), interferon-alpha, and hormone therapy. Currently they have a proposed research study on transfer factor as a form of immunotherapy for advanced metastatic prostate cancer stage D3. NFAM has a write up on this clinic at


Holistic Keihoku Hospital in Tokyo is run by Tsuneo Kobayashi, M.D. They treat many cancers including bone, breast, liver, ovarian, and colon; as well as cirrhosis of the liver; and chronic hepatitis. They use lymphocyte therapy, LAK therapy, plasma exchange, herbal, refreshment therapy (enhancement of natural healing), psychoimmunomodulation, and immuno-thermo-chemotherapy. 0081-03-3946-7271


The list of Mexican Clinics has been moved to its own page. Go to Directory of Mexican Clinics. Be sure to read our write up on why so many people go to these Mexican Clinics on the same page.

New Zealand

Bay of Plenty Environmental Health Clinic in Tauranga is run by Mike Godfrey, M.B.B.S. In addition to cancer they treat Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disorders, and other chronic diseases using nutrition, immunosupportive therapies, detoxification, chelation, acupuncture, and homeopathy. They also do mercury amalgam investigations.


Bio Medical Health Center in Pasay City, Metro Manila treats chronic degenerative diseases, vascular and heart diseases using, homeopathy, chelation, and Chinese Medicine. 0063-702-827-1444


Health Center of Lisbon is run by Serge Jurasunas, ND. It was established over 15 yrs ago. They treat most cancers, especially breast, stomach, prostate, colon, pancreas, and brain; as well as multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's. The therapies they use include: Geoxy 132, chitin, Ukraine therapy, bamboo leaf extract, SGE, SOD, LEM, aloe vera injections, xian tian, propermyl, DMSO, enzymatic, hematoxilan, live cell, tributyrrate, nucleic acid, and peptides. 00351-1-347-1117

San Salvador

Hospital de Diagnostico, a "boutique hospital" using art and music and other extra medical forms of gentleness and strength to add to its ambiance of healing, has added HANSI AT to its list or therapies offered. To assure El Salvador of its integrity, it will be tested further there under the auspices of Stanford University, while other tests are beginning in St. Petersburg, Russia, in cooperation with the Pasteur Institute and the World Health Organization. Dr. Rodrigo Brito, president and director of Hospital de Diagnostico, and his staff will administer the treatment of late stage cancer along with the facility's arsenal of advanced equipment for cancer therapies. Dr. Cesar Bertacchini, oncologist and professor of oncology in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will join them as medical director of the program. Patients will be received beginning August 1, 2002. For additional information, contact Dr. Colleen Green at the U.S. Information Office (941) 358-8500.


J. Buxalleu Font in Barcelona treats solid tumors using self-vaccination with gamma globulin. He has used this therapy since 1965. 0034-93-792-0489

Las Mariposas Clinic in Malaga, Spain - treats any problem with chronic diseases and degeneration, especially cancer. Their clinic, as far as we know, is the only clinic in the world that offers a full refund of all clinical consultation fees to any cancer patient that is treated by them that does not see any noticeable improvements within ninety days after following their therapy. Their program uses HLB - high blood resolution analysis to allow them to tailor their approach to your specific endogenic (immune) status and hormonal needs, EAP (Electro-Acupuncture) treatment, and Dr. Budwig's protocol.

South Africa

Spring of Life Therapeutic Center in Kenya uses Polyatomic Oxygen Therapy and Apheresis in treating cancer. Detoxification and boosting the immune system is a major part of their approach. They use intravenous treatments, colonic enemas, diet, supplementation, and in some cases they use intravenous blood additives and substitutes. Tel No: (+ 254) 733708041

The following are not clinics, but may be able to offer referrals:

SACMA - South African Complementary Medical Assoc.
Dr David Nye in Cape Town Tel/Fax: (021) 531-5766

SAMAS - South African Medical Acupuncture Society
Dr Bernard Brom or Helga Busch: (021) 885 1010 in Cape Town

SAHMA - South African Homeopathic Medical Association
Dr J. Jankelson in Johannesburg Tel: (011) 728-1605 or Fax: -6881

AMASA - Anthrosophical Medicine Association of So Africa Dr Raoul Goldberg in Cape Town Tel (021) 762-2364 or Fax: -1973

SAAMA - South African Ayurvedic Medicine Association
Dr Kuben Naidu Tel: (021) 448-8472 or Fax: (021) 448-8395

South America

Centro De Rejuvenecimiento Cellular Por Oxigenoterapia Hiperbarica in Palmira, Colombia does adjuvant HBO treatment, especially for those receiving radiation or chemotherapy, mostly breast and prostate cancers. They also use nutritional and vitamin therapy. Tel. (57 ) (02 ) 272 45 44 , FAX : (57 ) (02 ) 273 32 28

In Cali there are two clinics that use allopathic and alternative, including Hyperbaric, Bio Energetic Medicine, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, chelation, vitamin and nutritional medicine. These two clinics are: Clinica de Medicina Biologica del Dr. Arturo - Tel (57) (02) 554 12 87 and Medicina Bio Energetica, Dr. Elias Bechara Simancas - Tel (57 ) ( 02 ) 661 78 36 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Aeskulup in Brunnen - - has approaches similar to Klinik St Georg in Germany and they are a well known clinic in Switzerland. They use Classical homeopathy, neural therapy, TCM - traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine (mistletoe), fever therapy (hyperpyrexia), blood-oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, hyperthermia - whole body and local, galvanotherapy, and more. 41 41 825 48 61or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
CSCT has closed the clinic in Switzerland. Their clinic in Mexico has also been shut down.

Fred Vogeli is opening a clinic in Switzerland. He uses Hulda Clark's approaches. Go to or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

Lukas Klinik, CH-4144 Arlesheim, Phone: 011-41-61-72-3333. Their website is They use Mistletoe in their treatment programs. They aim to give special consideration not only to the physical situation of the sick individual but also to his or her soul and spirit. The work bases on the insights gained in anthroposophically extended medicine which was developed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman.

Paracelsus Klinik Center for Holistic Medicine and Dentistry combines holistic medicine, naturopathic treatments and biological dentistry. They work with some clinics in the U.S. In US, contact 508-748-0816.

Serafin Naturheilpraxis AG in Wolfhalden, Switzerland uses Electro-acupuncture, chiropractic, darkfield microscopy, laser therapy, pain management, immune system modulations, most natural healing methods for treating chronic diseases, including cancer. This includes enzymes, mistletoe, thymus therapy, hyperthermia, and vaccines.
Ph. + 41 (0)71 891 32 40 or fax.+ 41 (0)71 891 32 47
Their website: or e-mail-address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

United Kingdom
See England above


The information on this page is provided by The Cancer Cure Foundation based on information we have received from a variety of sources, including the clinic itself, feedback from people who have gone to the clinic, and in some cases from clinic tours. The listing of a doctor or clinic here does not signify an endorsement by the Cancer Cure Foundation, unless we have indicated it. We encourage you to check out each clinic by visiting the clinic if possible, talking to people who have gone to the clinic (ask the clinic for contact information of people who have gone to the clinic), and by checking with other organizations as to what they know about the clinic. There are also some forums you can join to get feedback from others. We would also be happy to tell you what we know about any of these clinics.

If you do go to any of these clinics for treatment, be sure to mention you heard about them through The Cancer Cure Foundation, and be sure to let us know about your experience, positive or negative. Any feedback you can offer may help others who are trying to decide which clinic to go to or which therapy to use.

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