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Hufeland Clinic For Holistic Immunotherapy
Dr. Wolfgang Wöppel 
Loeffelstelzer Str. 1-3 
D - 97980 Bad Mergentheim (Germany)
Phone: +49 7931/536-0
Fax: : +49 7931/8185

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Their treatment is based on a well-established concept developed by Dr. Josef Issels - predominantly a biological approach which rebuilds the body’s immune system.

Holistic therapy of tumors and cancers of all kinds and stages using fever therapy, hyperthermia and immunobiological medicine. Includes detoxification, homeopathy, peroxide, Chelation therapy, oxygen/ozone therapy, colon hydrotherapy, thymus extract, antigens, supplements, Proteolytic enzymes, biological response modifiers, immune therapy, diet, microbiological therapy, Neural therapy, electrotherapy, visualization, and acupuncture. Surgery, low-dose chemotherapy or hormones, is used if urgently needed to halt tumor growth. Chemotherapy, when used, usually employs a single agent in lower than conventional doses, and may be combined with fever therapy. On rare occasions radiation therapy is recommended but not given onsite. Hormonal therapy is often used. Pain treatment is done if needed.
They treat late stage cancers and those considered incurable. However, they will only accept who are not too weak and are able to walk unaided and are not confined to bed, and those with acute leukemia. They can treat all other cancers.

The first aim of their therapy is to detoxify the body and to strengthen the defense mechanisms and patient's whole condition. The second aim in the therapy is to try to stop tumor growth and then to reduce it; the third aim is to prolong the patient's life and
to improve the quality of life.

Therapy continues at home after a 3-6 week stay at the clinic.

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