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Cautionary note regarding
case histories of cancer survivors

The information provided in this website is not offered as medical advice. These success stories come from letters and spoken testimonials from cancer victors who are eager to share their experiences with others. It is important to realize that these testimonials are not the equivalent of scientific studies, and one must exercise caution in evaluating them. (Of course, one must also exercise caution in evaluating scientific studies.) We share these stories with you, not to suggest that you will have the same experiences as their authors, but because we feel you have a right to know about them and make your own evaluation.
Critics of alternative medicine would rather we withhold these stories from the public because, allegedly, they constitute "unproven medical claims." However, the only claims we make are that these testimonials are authentic and that the people who have given them are real. Truth is not truth unless it is the whole truth, and these success stories are just as much a part of the truth as the statistics of scientific studies.

Free men are entitled to have access to all the information available so they can make intelligent and informed choices in matters of their own health. These case histories are offered as an exercise of our right to freedom-of-speech and your right to freedom-of-information.
We have no reason to question the accuracy of the success stories from patients who have beaten cancer. However, we are not in a position to examine the medical records of each case, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all statements. Patients often have a non-scientific view of their own cancer, and their summaries are not expected to be technically correct in all details. Nevertheless, most of these cancer victors have been interviewed personally and we are firmly convinced that their stories are true.