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Clear Out Negative Thoughts and Influences

Become an empowered patient, learn all about your condition and accept nothing passively. This will help you when you have to fight for your right to have alternative therapies, especially if your doctor or family are opposed to this.

Negative thoughts and emotions can be extremely toxic to the body's anti-cancer defense system. It is therefore important to address the mind/body connection when treating cancer. Stress or disorder can affect all levels of human functioning and can increase one's susceptibility to cancer. Therefore, one should avoid or reduce obstacles including negative attitudes, lack of sleep, and dysfunctional relationships when treating cancer or for cancer prevention. The more positive ones mental attitude, the better the immune system appears to be in helping fight cancer. Attitude clearly matters in fighting cancer. It appears that those with positive attitudes, with a strong will and purpose for living, with commitment to struggle, with an active response to aiding their own treatment and not just a passive acceptance of anything doctors say, tend to live longer.

There are many approaches that can be used in the "mind/body" approach. These may include: biofeedback, visualization, meditation, counseling, psychotherapy, even art and music therapy.

Will to live is very important, along with "hope". Cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

Dealing with stress.

The Mind and How it Affects Cancer