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VG-1000 Cancer Vaccine

Dr. Valentin I. Govallo, MD, PhD, a Russian physician and immunologist was the first scientist to reason that malignant cells survive and proliferate because they possess their own defense systems which protect them from attack by the immune system of the host (the patient), a thesis now well established. After more than twenty years of work with cancer patients he discovered and refined a therapy, now known as VG-1000, which undermines the cancer cells defense mechanisms. Thus the world's first therapeutic vaccine for cancer was born. His book 'Immunology of Pregnancy and Cancer', published in the US in 1993 describes it.

VG-1000 is most beneficial in the kind of cancer known as carcinoma. These are the typical "cancers" from which most people suffer, i.e. "breast cancer," "prostate cancer," "lung cancer" and the like. VG-1000 is also helpful in melanomas, a type of skin cancer. It is also indicated for some sarcomas (cancers of muscle, bone, and connective tissue) and in leukemia. Patients recently subjected to chemotherapy or radiation respond more slowly to VG-1000 as they have a depressed immune system. However, patients who have had neither radiation nor chemotherapy respond very favorably. Thus VG-1000 is clearly indicated as first-line treatment for persons with recently diagnosed cancers, as well as to help prevent recurrence.

Beginning in 1975 Dr. Govallo treated over one hundred patients, most with cancers which were considered incurable. More than 60% of his earliest patients have survived ten (10) years or longer with healthy immune systems.

The University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine (UT-CAM) is one of ten research centers established by the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (OAM) to evaluate alternative therapies. UT-CAM reviewed VG-1000 therapy and a report is available on their website.

This new treatment is now available at the Immuno-Augmentative Clinic in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, and also CHIPSA's Center for Integrative Medicine in Tijuana, Mexico. Both these facilities were chosen selected for their long and varied expertise in the treatment of difficult cancer cases. It is also available at the San Diego Clinic in Mexico, IAT in the Bahamas, and Natural Therapeutics Ltd in Canada.