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Prostate Cancer Survivors
Robert Burke
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Ralph Morris
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You could talk to Vincent Gammill - He has an office in Solona Beach. He is a clinical pharmacologist who has a research lab in Southern California. He is up on conventional and alternative approaches, though most of his work is in the alternative arena. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or call him at 858-523-9144 or 800-557-2944.Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in New York is run by Robert Atkins, M.D. We understand that Dr. Atkins is cutting back on his cancer practice, especially for later stage cancers. We have heard he has a unique program for prostate cancer. 212-758-2110 or fax: 754-4284 or 1-800-2-Atkins
American Wellness Clinic in Cumming, Georgia is run by Dr. Rhett Bergeron. Additional staff includes a naturopath and hyperbaric oxygen therapy specialist. He offers therapies that most clinics in the U.S. do not offer. He treats all forms of cancer, including late stage cancers, auto immune diseases, and more. (678) 679-0632. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Website:

Some of the products you can research for Prostate cancer include:
PolyMVA info is at, including a list of doctors who use it in their practice. It is expensive, but some use it along with the free clondorate they offer with their program (though I recently heard they are being stopped from offering this.)
Some people have been using PC-SPES, the popular herbal prostate health formula, but it has been recalled due to contamination of the product. You can go to and get the same formula as PC spes (except for the ginseng, which can make only a minor difference and there shouldn't be any contaminants). It's made by Natrol.
For more information, you can also contact the manufacturer at 800-458-5854. We have been told a good substitute is available through - made by Natrol. A list of other substitutes is available at
Artemesia gives some information on artemesia. Dr. Rowen in Santa Rosa has good experience with this.
For information on Epican Forte developed by Matthias Rath to help prevent metastasis, go to Matthias Rath.
We have a page up on Budwig at Budwig Diet and a transcript of a tape on Budwig that is pretty good info is at Many use this approach with prostate cancer. I would ask Cliff Beckwith, who runs this site, if there are any other clinics overseas using Budwig.

A good forum is at "Alternative Cancer's website at Do some reading on their website while you are there for some good information. They have some good nutritional information. On the forum you can ask questions at any time. There are some pretty knowledgeable people on this site. They have a lot of information on Budwig.If you can't decide what to do or what clinic to go to, we have a list of consultants that you can contact to help decide what to do on our consultants page at Consultants or other organizations you can contact at Organizations Additional.There are a number of good websites with information, including and

Our standard recommendations for books on alternative treatments for cancer include:"The Prostate Miracle" by Dr. Jesse A. Stoff. There are many impressed with his approach.Larry Clapp also has a book - "Prostate Health in 90 Days" -"Beating Cancer with Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin. He has some products and suggestions at
Also, the book "Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer" by John Diamond and Burton Goldberg. It is packed with information and gives write ups on some clinics. Or, there is a condensed version called "Cancer Diagnosis, What to Do Next."