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You should consult with a doctor. These symptoms can mean many things including nothing at all.

We have a page on our website about symptoms of cancer. You can see it at Cancer Symptoms.

You may also wish to contact an alternative doctor. We have them listed by state at Directory Clinics.

In the treatment of cancer, naturopaths in the US typically play an adjunctive role to an oncologist, often providing individuals that are having surgery or receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation with nutritional and immune system support. Naturopaths.

There are several different treatment philosophies and approaches for using homeopathy to treat individuals with cancer. Often times practitioners that use homeopathy in the treatment of cancer use a combination of these approaches. Homeopathy.

Nutritionists and Counselors that work with cancer - Nutritionists

A good forum is at "Alternative Cancer's website at Do some reading on their website while you are there for some good information. They have some good nutritional information. On the forum you can ask questions at any time. There are some pretty knowledgeable people on this site.