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Mistletoe, or Viscum album is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on oaks and other trees in Europe and Asia. Mistletoe is also found in America and Korea, but normally only the European species is used in the treatment of cancer, inflammatory conditions and AIDS. The leaves, twigs, and berries are what is used to make these herbal medicines.  Because the medicinal doses are small (it can be poisonous in large doses), many believe it to be "homeopathic," but it isn't.  

What studies show:

In animal studies, mistletoe preparations have helped fight some forms of cancer. The best results with Iscador are claimed for its use with solid tumors both before and after surgery and radiation. Given 10 to 14 days before surgery, it is thought to help prevent metastatic spread due to surgery and to promote recovery and it is also used for advanced stage, inoperable solid tumors, especially cancers of the bladder, stomach, intestine, genital organs, and skin. It is also claimed that bone metastases are retarded in some cases.

DMSO and MSM, both sulfur compounds, have been found useful in the treatment of cancer. DMSO, when given to a patient undergoing chemotherapy may help the doctor reduce the dosage of the chemo-therapeutic agent.  On its own, DMSO has been used by several clinics, including the Donsbach Clinic in treating cancers of the bladder, ovary, breast and skin. Studies by Dr. Stanley Jacobs at Oregon Health Sciences University show that MSM significantly slows the development of both mammary and colon tumors. MSM may also reduce pain and inflammation.

It may be helpful to contact others who have treated their cancer alternatively.  There is a list of people you can talk to who treated their cancer using alternative approaches at, including their contact info. On the Cancer Control Society's ( list I also found the following names and contact information.

Alfred Puccetti

 599 Sleeper Ave.

 Mountain View, CA 94040


 (Bladder-Dr. Brodie)


 John Earris Romero

 1616 Taglewood Dr.

 New Iberia, LA 70560


 (Bladder-Dr. James)


 Gregory Tobin

 7871 Gazette Ave.

 Winnetka, CA 91306


 (Bladder#Gerson Therapy)


 Bernice Burnett

 7546 Highway 78

 Winston, GA 30187


 (Bladder#Dr. Burton)


 Grace Kovach

 1525 John St.

 Whiting, IN 46394


 (Bladder#Dr. Livingston)